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A worldwide phenomenon of epidemic proportion is speading all over the world. Two to four percent of the world's population is said to suffer from hearing "The Worldwide Hum." The sound pervades their every waking moment, leaving them with no respite, no quarter in which to find refuge, and for some, no hope, leading to depression and possibly even death.

Mino Christante has devised a sound  work recording to offer remedy from the Worldwide Hum.

Through practical investigation, research, and experimentation, Mino Christante has devised a recording to provide temporary remedy from the disastrous effects of "The Worldwide Hum." We have launched a website 16 April, 2019 where visitors can purchase and download the recording to help them with relief.

With the advent of the project undertaken by Tante, "A Sanctuary of Sound," new possibilities emerge as we work in melding sound work done with Will Whitesmith into recordings that can benefit those in need of soundhealing. We are excited about the new developments surrounding work with Will Whitesmith, shaman and healer.

To learn more, visit A Sanctuary of Sound website.

Meet our team

Lexia Christante
Lexia Christante is an accomplished pianist, music copyist, and arranger. Her work is of only the highest caliber, delivering your project quickly and accurately.
Mino Christante
Mino Christante is a music creative, supporting your project both creatively as well as technically until final completion.

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these guys are the best thing since sliced bread

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"I really appreciate the fine work you have done."

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