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Your music should look as beautiful as it sounds.

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Take your music to the next level.

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Complete your project with a live recording.

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They say 'the devil is in the details,' but I say 'God is in the deadlines.'

There is something about a deadline that clears the air. Everyone begins to listen.


To paraphrase Gertrude Stein:  "There have been many men ahead of their time, but few have been right on time.'


Deadlines are serious business. No one likes to be late to the party, especially if that means lost opportunities.

So, how do projects become late? Perhaps there are as mamy answers to that question as there are projects. But the major causes tend to be overallocation of resources, that is, loading too much food on your plate. Another cause can be failing to plan for the unexpected. Thirdly, one can underestimate how long it will take to accomplish a task. Combine these causes, and you have quite a headache.

One approach to reconcile these issues is to set priorities. One priority we have found useful is facetime. Whether in person or over Skype, It helps to spend some time with a client building a repoire that instills trust. Trust allows us to communicate regularly and on a timely basis. Another priority is to set expectations appropriately. Certainly, we would prefer to surprise you with good news, rather than bad. We do our best to avoid time issues, however we count on receiving content in a timely manner so we can do our part.


Meet our team

Lexia Christante
Lexia Christante is an accomplished pianist, music copyist, and arranger. Her work is of only the highest caliber, delivering your project quickly and accurately.
Mino Christante
Mino Christante is a music creative, supporting your project both creatively as well as technically until final completion.

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these guys are the best thing since sliced bread

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"I really appreciate the fine work you have done."

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