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I am looking to sell my entire pro audio setup for sound reinforcement as one lo ...

entire proaudio sound reinforcement for 3000+ audience

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Price: 12,999 USD Price is negotiable
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Yamaha PM1800 40.8 Mixer (used)
Soundcraft Spirit 8, 24.8 Mixer
Allen&Heath 24.8 Mixer GL2400 2(used)
Mackie 1604 VLZ Mixer
Behringer PMP980S Powered Mixer

Ashly GQX-3102 Graphic Equalizer
Sabine GRQ-3102 Graphic Equalizer

TC Electronics D-Two Multitap
Goldline LM27P-5 Spectrum Analyzer
Ashly XR-1001 2-way stereo / 3-way Mono Active Crossover
1100-3-QQ-D8 Power Distribution
Furman PL-8 Power Conditioner and Light Module
Furman PL-8II Power Conditioner and Light Module
Furman AR-117 Power Conditioner

CD and Tape Players
Denon DN-T620 Combination CD/Cassette Deck
Marantz PMD 511O Dual Well Cassette Deck

Audio Technica 2000 Series Combo Wireless System
Audio Technica Lapel Microphone
CAD Variable Pattern 1.1" Condensor Microphone
Shure SM-57 Microphones
Shure SM-58 Microphones
Shure Beta 57A Microphones
EVI-ND468 Instrument Mic
CRO-CM700 Crown Mic
CRO-CM311 Crown Head-Worn Mic
AKG-D112 Kick Drum Mic
SQ-1001 Sabine Reference Mic
Audix D-1 Hypercardioid
Audix D-3 Hypercardioid
Whilrwind Director Premium Direct Boxes Stereo
Whilrwind Hotbox Active Reference Direct Boxes
UHF Ant.Dist.Sys. 655-680 MHZ
1-Pair Audio Technica UHF Ground Plane Antenna
1-Pair Audio Technica UHF Ground Plane Antenna
Shure SM-58 Microphones with Switch

Matrix 24ch DMX Controller
Matrix DMX Pro 4ch Dimmer Pack
Chauvet DMX 4ch Dimmer Pack
O-Clamp 1.5" x 2"
Par 56 Silver Reflector Lights
Par 46

Pig Bags for snakes
Universal Mic Holder
Drum Shock Mounts
Custom Cable Ties
HumFree Rack Tabs
LightWeight Reel W/18" Hub
Hanny Reel W/Slotted Divider Disc
Bags For TS-99B Ultimate Tripods
Gator 3 Space Shallow Rack
Raxes 2 Space Rack Drawer
4' Light Bars

All Cables
Whirlwind 50' Heavy duty Microphone Cables
Patch Cord TRS/TRS 30"
Whirlwind 3' Instrument Leader Cord
Feet 6/4 SEOW 90C 600V Cable
9' 12-gauge 4-conductor Speaker Cable
3' 12-gauge 4-conductor Speaker Cable

Racks & Hardware
Anvil 10-Space Rack Rail (pair)
Gator 10 Space Equipment Rack
18 Space Rack Rail (pair)
Fan Panel, 3-Space
Rack Cooling Fans
2 Space Vent Panel
Middle Atlantic EB-2 2-Space blank panels
Middle Atlantic UNI-1 1-Space universal connector panels
Middle Atlantic RC-2 2-Space Clamping rack shelf
Rack Adaptor Kit DCP200 Power Supply
3 Space Rack Drawer
8 Space Pop Up Rack
18 Space Shock Mount Rack
20 Space Shock Mount Rack
12 Space Amplifier Rack
Shock Mount Case for Mackie16
Custom Mixer Case for Spirit 8
ATA Mini Case W/Foam
All Stands
Mic Stand/Desk Adj.
Ultimate 9' TeleLock Tripod Stands
K&B Tripod Mic Stand 35" - 63"
K&B 22" to 38" Telescoping Boom

Custom Snakes
Whirlwind 150' 16x8 Snake with 30' Split
Whirlwind 150' 24x8 Snake with 30' Split

Main Loudspeakers & Monitors
Klipsch 15" 3-way Loud Speakers Model KI-362
Klipsch 15" 3-way Loud Speakers Model KI-362
Klipsch Dual 18" Subwoofers Model KP-682
Klipsch 15" 3-way Loud Speakers Model KP-301-II-A
Klipsch Single 18" Subwoofer Model KP-480-AX
Klipsch 15" 2-way Monitors Model KSM-15-C
Klipsch 15" 2-way Monitors Model KSM-15
Community 12" 3-way Loud Speakers Model S-3294

Crown K2 Power Amplifier
Crown Macro-Tech 2400 Power Amplifier
QSC GX7 Power Amplifier
QSC RMX-1450 Amplifier
QSC RMX-2450 Amplifier
QSC 1200 Amplifier


Seattle, United States, North America
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