How does your Points system work?

The Audio Classifieds allows you to pay for additional services through a special points award system based on what subscription level you choose. Using points is easier and provides more value if you advertise regularly. Learn more about our Subscription Service Levels and what you can get for your points by clicking on this link.

What is the difference between your Subscription Plan and your Points Award Package?

At the Audio Classifieds, all adverts are not created equal. Subscription Plans comprise various levels of service you can buy. When you buy a subscription you receive a certain amount of points you can then apply to different adverts. You might use more points to include a longer description for one component over another. Thus, the Points Award Package System allows you to tailor each advertisement. The Subscription Plan, however, allows you to purchase points as well as levels of service to which you can apply those points. For instance, The Audiophile Level subscription includes the ability to run your own auction, while The Entry Level does not. Click here to visit the Subscription page to compare services offered by the various Subscription Levels.

What is the difference between a 'duration' and 'expiration'?

A Duration refers to the length of time your advertisement will run. Expiration refers to how long your subscription plan lasts. Durations of advertisements vary depending on which Subscription Plan you choose. For instance, The Entry Level Plan subscription expires thirty(270) days after you subscribe, yet each advertisement you run will each last seven(21) days, up until your subscription expiration date. By contrast, the Audiophile Level subscription expires in 365 days (a year's subscription) and each advertisment has a duration of 31 days.

How large of an image file can I upload?

Image file size is a maximum of 2.5 megabytes.

Can I use my subscription and points to do banner advertising on The Audio Classifieds?

Subscription Plans and Points Awards System are for customers who post classified ads or auctions on our website. Business banner and other site advertising requires a separate account and payment apart from our classified advertising subscription system. If you are interested in banner advertising with us, please contact us at

How do you make money?

Good question! We keep frills to a minimum and customer satisfaction to a maximum. We charge for subscriptions up front, in addition to banner advertising.

Why did you launch this site? There are many other sites like ebay, craigslist, and audiogon?

Precisely. We strongly encourage you to visit those sites, and avail yourself of their offerings. If you would like an alternative we would be very excited to serve you. We can't wait!